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Similarly, to force Yoosung into studying instead of playing LOLOLJumin calls his mother without permission to have her make a visit to his home.

However, Seven met V and Rika at church, who convinced 707 dating app to join them - on the condition that he leave Saeran behind.

He continues to stay with the player to protect her, but is so overwhelmed by 707 dating app has happened that he rejects her 707 dating app. Relationships MC Even outside 's route, cares deeply about MC as he makes jokes and general banter which MC can play along with especially when he pranks Yoosung.

Overtime, accepts his feelings and goes on to declare his love for her, saying "without you I wouldn't have hope". Vanderwood reminds him that the type of job they do does not allow for long-term relationships and suggests on his assigned work now.

He finds an early version of the logo found in the e-mails the members of RFA received as well as blueprints for the building from where the e-mails were sourced. Seven destroys the robot he made in a fit of anger. He also was the one who introduced Seven to the secret intelligence agency he works for, and Seven treats V as a father figure.

At one point, she suggests that Seven should add a feature allowing members to delete messages, which shows that she does rely on him in some cases.

Seven even decides to show the player the contents of the floppy disk, which contained pictures of Saeran that Rika secretly took to keep him updated on his well-being. Seven studied how to hack using a book he found on computing, promising Saeran that they would run away together.

He becomes distracted at work because of his growing feelings, and builds a fire-spewing dog robot for the player.

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When Seven was 14, V told Seven to take on a new name and work at a intellectual hacking company, but that he was not allowed to take Saeran with him. He frequently plays pranks on Yoosung via chat room, makes fun of the other members and himselfand, in response to just about anything, will respond with a series of "lol"s.

This is due to his past and his profession, as he thinks that he will endanger anyone he gets close to.

Despite this, is obviously in love with MC, going so far as to run over to the Apartment when Unknown comes. He's essentially your typical jokester who loves cars he owns multiple and holds a passion for hacking.

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Seven changes his outfits very rarely. The other members of RFA are also disappointed by V's actions as well, and are concerned about carrying out the party. Seven is shocked to see Unknown is his estranged twin brother, Saeran, who he thought to have been in the care of Rika and V.

At one point, Seven decides to quit RFA, especially since his job puts his friends at risk, which makes Yoosung angry.

On the 5th Day, after the messenger has been hacked, all the members of RFA start receiving suspicious emails. Though Seven no longer trusts V and confronts him about his blindness, V admits he saw Vanderwood take Saeran away by force. Outside, Vanderwood, who has come to fetch Seven, kidnaps him at gunpoint right before V's eyes.

Jumin also seems to respect Seven's hacking skills, and skills in general. Their mother abused Saeran because he was weaker than Seven and got sick more often. In Jumin's route, they seem to get along very well by continuing each other's sentences and mocking Jumin's personality change together.

Jaehee Jaehee treats Seven with exasperation, as she tends to respond to his jokes coldly. In the Normal ending, takes MC to his home town Cathedral wear she is seen a white gown similar to a wedding dress but it is unclear if they got married or not.

However, Vanderwood, who turns out to be Seven's superior at work rather than a maid, continues to visit him at home, pressuring him to finish a job from an important client. Seven trained himself to hack and took it upon himself to help his brother and himself to have a good future.

Background Story Seven grew up with his younger brother, Saeranuntil he was 14 years old 15 by Korean Agein a toxic household. While Seven tries to convince Saeran with the truth, that V suggested that he enter a job to erase his identity while he and Rika look after Saeran, the latter refuses to believe him, crediting his survival from his abusive home life to his "Savior.

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Saeran's punishments included being tied by the legs to the kitchen so he couldn't leave, being beaten, and being starved and dehydrated for days. Saeran was told that Seven had abandoned him, which caused Saeran to beginning feeling resentment towards his brother, even causing him to shoot and kill Seven in the 3rd bad relationship ending.

He leaves the dog robot to handle Vanderwood in order to escape from him. In one of Yoosung's Bad Relationship Ending, Yoosung will go to Seven's place, after telling the MC that he doesn't really love her, where they will then fight over Honey Buddha chips multiple times a day.

After resuming control of the security system, Seven confesses on the messenger that Rika had personally asked him to install a bomb in the apartment to destroy sensitive documents stored there. This fear is brought up very often during the events of his route, usually when he is trying to push the player away.The word "Zoosk" with sleek letters in a gentle light blue color.

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The Korean dating simulator Mystic Messenger has become somewhat of a sensation among over a million women worldwide. It’s an “otome” game (literally, “maiden game”) that offers female.

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(Real name Saeyoung Choi, Baptismal name Luciel Choi) often referred as Seven, is one of the Deep Story characters available in Mystic Messenger.

He is a hacker who can quickly find information on anything he can get his hands on. More About Area Code Area code was first put in service January 1, Currently, the largest city it serves is Santa Rosa, CA, and it .

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